About the Author

Norman C. Schell

I was born in Lebanon Pennsylvania on September 17 1944.  I am indeed a country boy.

My education and life experience are a little out of the ordinary . They include a broken home, growing up essentially unsupervised on small town streets up and down the east coast from the age of eight, reform school and later redemption through the kindness and support of a wonderful 'foster family'.

I am retired after 55 years in the work force. I spent forty of those years, full or part time, writing, performing and singing as a folk single, and later fronting two country - folk bands.  Clean Living and Youth Well Spent.

I have performed at West Point, the Chautauqua Institute and the ‘Little Theater’ in Manhattan while fronting the band Clean Living. Clean Living had two albums released by Vanguard Records in the early 70s, and a ‘disputed’ top 40 hit in 1973.

 I discovered historical novels at age nine when I found a copy of Paul I. Wellman’s ‘The Iron Mistress’ on a shelf in our rented rooms in Sebring Florida. I read it and in it I discovered a world that I could call my own. Shortly afterward I also discovered public libraries, these being the primary source of my education. 

My companions and teachers have been Kenneth Roberts,  C. S. Forester, Paul I. Wellman, Fredrick Marryat, James A. Michener, Louis L’Amour, Richard H. Dana and Patrick O’Brian. 

I have endeavored to write an historical novel of a sufficient quality so that I may greet them in the Elysian fields with my head held high.

The Readers Speak

 “I started reading and couldn't stop. I'm not much on reading either, but it was interesting. Can't wait for the next batch...awesome."    David Kettles KY

 “I just finished and how I love the story! I really wept at the last chapter and then was enlightened by the Epilogue.”     Maureen LePain FL

 “One sentence and I truly couldn't put it down. I am spellbound by the story and the art by which it is ‘retold’."     Richard Booth MA

 “Well I just loved it!  Shocking end as I am the forever optimist. I would liked to have "seen" what the 4 men faced at the prison and the shock of Mary's demise. ...the epilogue was nice but I wanted more,  I guess that's the next book."   Esther Kaddaras AZ

 "It went from interesting to very interesting and then to fascinating and extremely well written.  Very polished and dramatic throughout.   The attention to detail in both the regions and the historical portions from the dialects to the actual tribes, people, and places were phenomenal.  Congratulations on a great piece of work.  I’m looking forward to the next one!"  Patrick Dunn NH

 “Just wrapped it up.  This is great!  A good editor, and then stand back !  Thanks for letting me be a reader...”  Paula MA

"...such a great story.  I cried at the end, I want more!"  Russlyn Dunn NH

"There is a richness to the detail and a savor in the telling of the story that is compelling." Gary Hayward MA